>Edie Loves Everything!!!!!!!

>So I love going to new restaurants, especially ones that give me free food when I go because they know I’m a blogger and my words can really influence a person’s decision to go. Which is a power I will not abuse, by the way, so don’t even ask me to! Heeheeheehee.

In fact, I’ve been invited to a few “Influencer Events” since I started my food blog, Edie Loves Everything!!!!!!, which is totally an unexpected, happy perk. I had started it simply because I love to eat, and I love to talk, and I love….almost everything! Yay!

One time, this chef even came out of the kitchen during one of our blogger events and said he hoped we would all say really nice things about him and his restaurant, and that if we needed any more information to help us write our blog posts, we could contact his PR rep, a pretty lady getting trashed in the corner. She sort of half-waved, half-fell off her chair, and then the chef leaned on the table and started to cry a little bit. He muttered something about a Bernard Loiseau???? (of course I had to Google it—an old mentor, maybe?). Then he rubbed his face with his dirty towel and went back into the kitchen. We were all like, Whatever. My Tweet that night: OMG, chefs are soooo intense. It’s because they’re also creative. Ask me how I know LOL

So tonight, I went to this little wine bar by my house. I love it because it has hay on the floor and all the servers are dressed in green jumpsuits, like mechanics or something – yet, it’s a wine bar! It’s not trying to be anything it’s not, in other words. It’s like they’re saying, “Yeah, we serve wine, but we don’t care about it and so you don’t have to, either!” It’s way more fun this way.

We started with a plate of meat and cheese. It was manchego, I think, which is like, really, really hard to get and from somewhere far away, like Morocco. They cut it into these big cubes that reminded me of the cheese plate at all my work events; that’s my favorite part of those parties, by the way. I sit there and spear cubes of orange, white—even green cheese, while all my coworkers just laugh ’cause they know I am so food-crazy! I’m just like, “What can I say? I love really good cheese.” My favorite is brie. OMG, to die for.
<— No brie. Sad face!

After finishing off my cheese cubes, I moved on to the meat. It was some sort of dried meat, like prosciutto. It was so yummy nummy nummers with the fig jam!!!!!! This place is really creative.

I drank a glass of something red that was really scrumptious because it tasted like a wine I had before that I really liked and someone told me was expensive. And this one wasn’t! I drank two glasses of it. I think it was Spanish.

<— like this, but Spanish

All in all, a really good wine bar and really good prices. I can’t wait to be invited back! (Hint, hint) Thankfully, this time no one came out of the kitchen and cried. Hello – note to restaurants: that’s a total buzzkill.



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One Response to >Edie Loves Everything!!!!!!!

  1. Nicole says:

    >Perhaps your finest work yet!I think I found virtually this exact same post in my Google Reader like five times this morning (thanks to a certain restaurant's recent opening). I always find it hilarious to read, "I couldn't hear what he said it was, and I couldn't really tell either by tasting it, but it was like really really really good and I think it was from a local farm maybe?, so I *TOTALLY* recommend this place."

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