>People Love Themselves on Yelp, the coda

>I’m back to reviewing restaurants regularly while also maintaining my pink-collar loyalties a few nights a week (the subject of an essay I will work on right after my graphic novel about the customers who have sucked most—enter now for a chance to win a guest appearance!—and my memoir about trauma and tragedy, affectionately called “The Dead Mom Opus”).

Couple that with my freelance work on a wine website, and you have three—hahaha, three!—jobs to help me barely get by while trying to buy things like wedding rings and little stringy white lights.

Ah Ah Ah! You’re getting married in a recession, Dumbass!

That also means I’m back to perusing Yelp boards to try and understand the opposing points of view, or at least the popular conception of a restaurant I am writing up, having lost the faint scent of anyone there who even remotely knows what they’re talking about (by now they’ve all ejected and started their own blogs – so have plenty of people who know absolutely nothing).

Thus resumes my frequent venting about Yelp (and other hyper-democratized online reviews) so that I don’t grind my teeth into powder and say “I Do” with one eye twitching madly.

Here’s a great kick-off:

  • Authentic! <–remember this for later
    I was delighted by how wonderful and fresh this new Latin restaurant was.

    My Bistec and Carnitas tacos were amazingly flavorful if not a bit small for liking. The Spinach Salad with Jicama, mandarin oranges, walnuts , queso fresco and a light vinaigrette were such a surprise and contradiction to the standard ICEBERG and GUACAMOLE salad at most Latin restaurants…

There’s so much wrong with this clutch of words that I can’t even ridicule it. Not without Photoshop. Let’s see what I can do with Snagit Beta in thirty seconds…I do have three jobs, after all.


Please send Photoshop, ASAP.


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Out beyond any ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you in it.
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2 Responses to >People Love Themselves on Yelp, the coda

  1. >Ooh, I've been wanting to try a Latin restaurant! Do they serve garum and field mice?Three jobs. Damn.

  2. emc says:

    >Right? And rapum and songbirds! (Hold the ICEBERG)

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