>And the Biggest Mouthbreather on Earth Award Goes To….

>This one is credited to my friend, R (who shall go nameless because I do not want hordes of jackass Yelpers to flame her blog, although they are welcome to try here):

Reason #62 why no restaurateur should ever, ever take Yelp seriously



I am still trying to get over my shock and subsequent bewilderment after opening my Shack Lunch box and discovering taco meat, sour cream, shredded lettuce and cheese on…wait for it….A THICK FRENCH BREAD BUN. Yes, just like a taco meat sandwich. If you can even wrap your mind around that. I barely can. To be fair, after picking up the pieces of my mind, when I reviewed the website menu to see for myself that the description indicated this, it (kinda) does. See for yourself:

Shack Lunch
The Shack Torta sandwich with your choice of meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream served with rice and beans. (taco meat, beef fajita, chicken fajita, carne guisada)

So, yes, it does say “sandwich”, but when you’re going to a place called Taco Shack, your mind can’t even begin to comprehend that one of these could come on a thick sandwich bun. The very idea of it is wrong on so many levels.

If this post blew your fucking mind as much as it did ours, feel free to start a Yelp account and let Austin’s Rachel D.know that she may, in fact, be the only human being in Austin who doesn’t know that a torta is a sandwich and that she should perhaps stick to huffing glue for lunch.


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2 Responses to >And the Biggest Mouthbreather on Earth Award Goes To….

  1. Wade says:

    >It is my goal to make this woman cry. She has posted a revision granting her ingnorance, but not changing her score.

  2. emc says:

    >See what happens when people unite? Next: human rights abuses.

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