>People Love Themselves on Yelp, volume 2

>Here are today’s winners:

  • The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because it gets so darn crowded!! Which means, it’s good.

  • I don’t know what kind of coffee they use, but it’s fine by me and served professionally. I’m not a crepe expert, but they seem fine also.
  • Well, restaurants like this are a dime a dozen in France.

Catch of the day:

  • Well , I’m French , and I don’t take this kind of fake french cuisine . Never heard about “shrimps a la Bourguignone” There is no shrimp in Bourgogne (true) . Who wants to eat chicken a la Francaise …..Or a confit Duck , that’s from Perigord ( I’m with you so far pal, but that’s in France.)
    A Bouchon is a very tiny restaurant in the town of Lyon , the best chefs in the world are from Lyon . The food is based on boudin, grattons ,andouillette,onglet aux echalottes , mushrooms ,St Marcellin , NOTHING PASTEURIZED !!!! got he picture ? It’s the best and the worst of French Cuisine .(record screeching noise)
    The wine is from Cotes du Rhone , and it was GOOD !!! That’s the only thing I’ll remember .The best cotes du Rhone is St Julien …. just try to find it ,,,,,,
    Also the waitress , she had a bad bang , and too much friendly , like Dude , grabbing my shoulder , ,,,,No big deal when you are in France , and alone , my girlfriend didn’t like her……

And scene.


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2 Responses to >People Love Themselves on Yelp, volume 2

  1. Logan says:

    >That is truly amazing. Wow. I feel like it's a whole education in just a few short paragraphs.

  2. Jennifer says:

    >The waitress had a "bad bang"? I'm confused …

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