>How to Write Reviews Like a Complete Wanker: COMMANDMENT ONE

>Since taking on a full time job as an editor of restaurant reviews, the focus of my seething ire has shifted from the dining crowd to the writing crowd; namely, the food writing crowd.
Everyone’s a fucking food writer now! Thanks, Yelp!

Hear that noise? I just cracked a tooth snarling so hard. Now I whistle all my esses.

Following are some things I, as an editor, have come to despise – nay! – DETEST WITH A PASSION NORMALLY RESERVED FOR TEXAS REPUBLICAN LEGISLATORS – in amateur food writing.

Bloggers! Take this to heart and your dreams of finally being noticed by a respectable publication will come to fruition, because right now (and trust me on this), no one can stand you. I want to help. Please, GOD, let me help…


  • DO NOT start your review with “Nestled in a….” Every time a description of a restaurant begins with the passive and clichéd “Nestled in a….” I tear the wings off a butterfly. Do you want to be the reason why all these beautiful creatures suffer so? Of course not. Knock it off.

Suggested alternatives: Get laid, have a drink, watch something funny and read some Anthony Bourdain, MFK Fisher, Frank Bruni even!! You are beginning this way because you are too rigid and locked in to a formula. Free associate instead. Think about what the restaurant means to you as a whole, and the conceit of its appearance. Think about the bigger picture. Riff on stuff around it, the crowd. If all else fails, just use. A different. Goddamned. WORD. It’s not a fucking doe. It’s a sushi bar. It doesn’t “nestle.”



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Out beyond any ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you in it.
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3 Responses to >How to Write Reviews Like a Complete Wanker: COMMANDMENT ONE

  1. >I’m over here, nestled in my chair…wait, shit.

  2. emc says:

    >That’s allowed because you have DOE EYES.

  3. >You finished that doob yet? Where’s part II?

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