>Week in Wankers


  1. “This wine list is expensive. I just want a good merlot for under $20.”

Bobo. Come on. Think back to a time when you found a merlot for under $20. It was an something like an aisle, wasn’t it? With other products for sale around you? Yeah, we call that a store.

Restaurants buy wine at a wholesale price, just like stores do. Both places, in order to make any profit, have to sell that wine to the public at a higher cost. Since restaurants (theoretically) move less of the product than a retail store will (add to that the greater cost of running a restaurant versus a retail shop: paying the servers who open it, serving it in glassware we bought and have to pay dishwashers and a water bill to wash), and you end up with pricing that looks like this:
$15 wholesale cost of a bottle –> $22-25 retail (at a steal)
$32-36 on a restaurant wine list

That means, in order to find a $20 merlot at a restaurant, that piece of shit has to run about $8 wholesale. If you would pick up said piece of shit in a store, it would be about $13.

Your friends hate you for bringing cheap, shitty wine to their dinner parties, by the way.

2. Then there’s the loudmouthed frat boy fresh out of his MBA program who interrupts me as I’m describing the food and wine on the menus to make embarrassingly erroneous claims such as:

  • hanger steak is right here, where the flank is (pats my side – no seriously, the douchebag touches me. If this were a strip club, the little bastard would have two fingers broken before being tossed onto the street.)
  • we didn’t like this Cote du Rhone-Villages. Do you have any just Cote du Rhone? That’s like saying “Fuck this Cadillac, do you have a GM?” Moron.
  • (after I describe another Rhone as being kind of stinky, barnyardy goodness and his friends ask what that means exactly) Oh, lots of wine people describe wines as being stinky, it’s like cow poop, you know? (Jesus, I hope you’re not an MBA now that I hear you try to sales pitch your tablemates)

3. Another server had some name-dropping nitwit going “blah blah Sea Smoke blah blah Kistler…I never buy anything less than $50 retail.”
His girlfriend looks at the rest of the table and says “Can you believe he’s only known about wine for three months?”

Really. That long?


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Out beyond any ideas of right-doing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you in it.
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One Response to >Week in Wankers

  1. Kaz :) says:

    >Great blog! Congratulations, it’s a very entertaining read. I love food, I love wine, I wouldn’t say I know a great deal about either, but we eat out a lot and love trying different flavors. Wish there were more people like you here to help us explore and share our passion. We have some great restaurants here with experimental chefs but terrible front of house people, and vice versa. We tend to frequent the places with the nicer people, it makes such a difference to the whole experience. I have spent most of my working life dealing with the public, it all requires the same control, so I admire your patience. 😉 I look forward to your future posts. Kaz.

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